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Q. Does Higgins work on all platforms?
A. Yes, Higgins works on MACs, PCs, tablets, smartphones and anything that is computer. We only support the iPad for now as it offers superior performance. Future roll-outs will include a wider scope than simply iPads.

Q. Can I still use Higgins for free if I don't
purchase anything?

A. Higgins is free. It comes loaded with Apps so you can take sales remotely no matter where and who you are. It even comes with free White Glove Service where we enter items for you. Adding more apps and Hardware is optional.

Q. Why is Higgins so inexpensive?
A. We believe that you need the best system in the world to run your business effectively. So Higgins was built as a platform with free apps to make it suitable for any small or mobile business.  Getting additional apps you need is cost effective because you only pay for what you use and nothing you don't need.




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