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Meet Higgins.


Order, Sell and Pay for Anything, Anywhere.



The interface was targeted and tested with secondary school students. In fact, it's so simple to use and train your staff - we have never needed a user manual. 


Higgins is cloud-based and its cloud can hold infinite data securely. Thats why data is not stored on your device, in your shop for any manager to access - It's stored in the cloud where only you and authorized senior management can access your critical business data.


These Apps let your Higgins Register infinitely scale and integrate all of your locations into one simple to read email. Manage Sales, Labour, Inventory and Ordering reports at any frequency, even up to the minute. And you can access your register in real time from anywhere in the world.


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Small Fees. Big Service.
All this for low monthly costs and the Higgins 24-7 White-Glove Service to make it easy.

If you don’t have supported hardware, Higgins has it all. Check out our Hardware and Hardware-App Bundles to get exactly what you need, and nothing you don't.

* See supported printers and hardware


When you’re part of the Higgins community, you can order anything from your favourite spots and bypass the usual lines. Start your own store and begin selling product in seconds on any Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop. 


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