Meet Higgins R4

Introducing Higgins.

Higgins is the World’s first free Personal Register. Order, sell and pay for anything, anywhere. Free. Watch Eddie…


Who is Higgins?

Calling all Restaurants, Retailers, Cafes, Bars, Food Trucks, Casual Sellers on Craigslist and Kijiji, even Lemonade Stands. Anyone who buys and sells anything, anywhere can now have the same registers that big businesses use. For Free.


Buy & Sell Anywhere

The ability to buy and sell is what makes the Higgins Register, well, Personal. If you’re part of the Higgins community, you can order from your favourite spots and beat the line. Turn around and start your own store in seconds!


The Higgins community shares information about themselves and their favourite spots. This means they receive loyalty that can be applied instantly on their next purchase anywhere else in the Higgins community.


Reporting & Clarity

Higgins is cloud-based and its cloud can hold infinite data. This means you can choose from hundreds of reports at any frequency, even up to the minute. You can even watch who orders and pays in real time form anywhere in the world.


Scalability & Integration

Have a Food Truck or a fleet of ten? Have one employee or three hundred. Higgins is infinitely scalable and integrates all of your locations into one simple to read email.


Apps for Everything

Higgins is a platform, much like your phone. This means that you can integrate apps that you already use. Quickbooks, Wave Accounting, Open Table and Schedulefly just to name a few.


How do I start using Higgins?

Super Easy. Super Fast. The way it should be.


Get Higgins  

Tell us a little bit about you and your business and we'll send you the latest version of Higgins via a download link. You can start using and processing your sales after reviewing a personal demo on your iPad or iPad mini. Remember Higgins is Free!

Get Bundled

Once you've got Higgins up and running, you're ready to go. However, if you need access to print or use a cash drawer we have a solution for that. Simply have a look at our Equipment Packages to see what's right for you and your business.

Build Your Own

Once you're up and running and experiencing the life altering impact Higgins will have on you and your business, we'd love for you to Share with Us and with those considering switching over to Higgins from their current system.