Supplies on Demand


We know the last thing you want to worry about is running out of supplies and need to do something about the costs. That's why we are introducing a low cost supplies program that saves you 25-35% of the costs while shifting the burden or responsibility from you to us - to make sure your shop never goes down due to a lack of supplies - it's piece of mind that you can now afford.


We take care of stocking your supplies and keeping track of usage through Higgins so you never run out - it's our responsibility now.

Low Monthly Rate - As low as $5
We assess how much POS paper and ribbon supplies you need based on your sales volume and set up a par level that more than covers you. Higgins let's us know how much you are using and we will come by to replenish stock automatically - all you need to know is that you're covered.

Free Delivery - 24-7
Everything is included - we simply stock the supplies and deal with any emergencies through our White Glove Service that is available 24-7 - always.

Pilferage Management
Higgins tells us how much you are printing - so it's easy for us to determine when your stock is disappearing - this ensures you keep the lowest level of stock available and save money on costly paper supplies.