Advance Your Shop


With HigginsLoans - You qualify for the guaranteed lowest rate and the maximum loan amount and support you can get to move your business forward. 


We take care of all the details including tracking whether your loan advance is making you more money - that's how we're different.

Guaranteed Lowest Rate
We work hard to get you the lowest rates on your loan so that you can minimize costs while improving your business.

Higgins ROI Report
We will measure the impact of the advance on your business to make sure you achieved your goals.

Save on Taxes
Our specialists will work with your accountant to ensure that you can redeem tax savings on your advance.

Flexible Payment Plans
Our partners are experts in helping you manage your cashflow and make sure payments without hassles.

Existing Loan? Low Credit? No Worries.
We will take over existing loans and of course beat the current rate. Higgins understands that perfect credit doesn't always accompany successful businesses - thats why we make extra effort to accommodate with Beacon Scores as low as 460.