Get Plugged to your Business 24/7

As a small business owner, staying connected to your business is as vital as your big opening whether you are travelling from home to the office, or visiting a potential wholesaler down the road. You need to be assured that a well-deserved absence or vacation does not alter the operations of your business. 

Therefore, for many small business owners, the question that lays within is how to juggle all these – manage, monitor, plan for unseen situations and still carve out time for a hobby. It’s humanely possible thinking about it especially if you plan to do it alone. 

The ideal Solution

As a result, business owners are relying heavily on technologies and the world wide web to help them stay connected to the thing they value most and even if this is such a good idea with frequent Skype calls and free Wi-Fi in coffee shops like Starbucks, it still does not provide enough information for business owners to feel they are in control of their businesses because there is still a lot of reliance on managers to provide information. 

But what if you never have to rely on your managers to give you access to what is yours? And what if you can gain access to all the information you need without being there? Imagine the possibilities. You can track, manage, plan for raining days remotely and brainstorm new business ideas while you enjoy the solitude you crave for.

How Higgins helps you stay Connected

Higgins is an intuitive business management point-of-sale system (POS) that understands your need for connectivity by offering you a simpler cost-effective way of staying connected to your business. 

Information stored in the cloud

With Higgins you can have the peace of mind you need to go about managing your business just about anywhere because all your information are stored in the cloud. This means you can access your information from anywhere in the world when you need it. You never have to rely on a manager to keep you connected to your business because all the information you need to stay in control of what is important to you, is at the palm of your hands – your mobile.

Daily Reports to your Phone about your business

 With Higgins daily reports to your mobile device, you can enjoy a flexible schedule that gives you the liberty to pop in and out of the office whenever you want to. You have access to information such as what is selling most, the busiest hours of the day for you, when to update a menu and how much sales made without being there or waiting to be reported to. 

Emergency Alerts

During emergencies, you’ll be alerted right away making it easy for you to decide the next course of action to take towards solving the problem. You can provide solutions to problems remotely by providing detailed instructions on the steps to take to your staffs. It gives you a head start, as you are able to detect problems without waiting to be informed about it. 

Employee Activity Monitoring

It assists in helping you stay connected to your staffs especially months you have to be away from the office. Every time your staffs does something right or wrong, you’ll be informed about it encouraging your staffs to do better because they know they’ll be rewarded for it.