Make your clients fall in love with your product

It’s the day cupid gets to shoot arrows and as a business owner are you ready? According to Shorstack, 1.6 billion adult Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day. Which means, adapting your business to appeal to your customers on this day, could be a goldmine for profits? 

As a result, it is essential to take the right steps towards making your business and Valentine offerings stand out from the rest so you get noticed even though you do not sell something conventional like chocolates or flowers. 

Some of the ways you can do so include;

Give them a chance to know your product

Shooting out a love note to your customers a week or on the day of Valentine’s Day, is the perfect opportunity for you to connect and build loyalty. Let your customers know how much you care by drafting a heartfelt message with great and enticing copy and while you are at it, include a coupon as a way to thank them for their loyalty. 

Indulge them on digital

Investing time and money on your highest performing Social media channels, is a good way of converting last minute shoppers to customers for the day.  As 71% of shoppers believe they get better deals online than in store and 2/3 of in store shoppers will check their phones before making purchases. So using words like “the perfect gift”, “Feb 14 shipping”, “gift wrapping”, “special offers” is sure to be an attention grabber for last minute buyers. 

Make them fall in Love

Celebrating all forms of love is a sure way to get your Valentine’s Day offerings noticed. You do not only want to limit your Valentine’s Day offerings to couples. Celebrate friendship, being single, and the need for family, food lovers, and pet fiends. 

Love freely, give freely

Thinking beyond the Valentine craze by offering free trials or samples helps you attract new customers and convince them about the quality of your products since it is a period where people are willing to try new things. So go ahead and get them to try new products and just watch as sales increase. 


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