The White Papers - Security.


The Scenario

Running a store is more a labour of love than a profit making machine. It is arguably one of the most complicated businesses to run as owners must tout a superb product while dealing with a plethora of issues like generating sales, managing labour and controlling inventory just to survive. This series of white papers is dedicated to those passionate store owners that want to help change the world by introducing a new product or concept while being forced to deal with the business of making it successful. This section outlines the scenarios that will effect one facet of the business and provide some insight into the ramifications of not dealing with it.


There are seven main facets to a managing a successful store – security, sales, labour, inventory, puchases, expenses and profit. Every one of these are critical and require defined metrix (our term referring to a unique blend of metrics and tricks) to hit in order to reach a storefront’s goals. This section will clearly identify the metrix we deem necessary to deal with the challenge outlined in the white paper.


Okay, the challenges have been summarized and the goals set – the next big question is how to achieve them. This section will outline ways a business can tackle the challenges and work to hit the metrix outlined. The insights come from actual Higgins data in the field as well as decades of experience in consulting and problem solving some of the service industries toughest challenges using a mixture of process and technology.


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