Bundles & Hardware


Choose or build your own hardware package with your free version of Higgins loaded and configured the way you want.


Need hardware to access printing or use a cash drawer with Higgins? All you need is the H-Box. This little guy takes care of connecting your terminals with your printers and configures everything for you so you do nothing. What's more, the H-Box connects with our tech team so when you have a problem - we already know about it and can easily fix remotely. It's a lot of power all packed away in one little H-box.

Need printers and drawers, we have solutions that will run your store wirelessly without breaking the bank. Simply browse through our bundles to save or take advantage of our a la carte selections to select what's right for you and your business.


All Inclusive
Monthly Plan

Everything your business needs including the iPad and payment terminal, all in one box and only for around three dollars a day. Save time and money with this plug and play bundle and get up and running in no time.




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