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The World’s First Free, App-based Personal Register. Order, sell and pay for anything, anywhere.

Watch Eddie and his favourite spots around town use Higgins in real time.



Mobile, Flexible and Stacked

The Higgins platform is cloud-based, mobile, offers unlimited transactions and comes loaded with base Apps that make clocking and keeping up with your business a breeze. And it links your business to others, and the members that use it through loyalty and reports. 

As your business grows, so does Higgins. Adding Apps and Hardware that you need makes this happen and along the way, you get Higgins White Glove Service- Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. 


Loaded with Free Apps.

Mobile and ready to take Unlimited Transactions, Higgins comes loaded with Free Apps.

The Higgins community shares information about themselves and their favourite spots. No more wasting time punching Loyalty Cards. Higgins automatically sends an alert to an existing member, letting them receive loyalty that can be applied instantly on their next purchase anywhere else in the Higgins community. 

Emailed Sales Reports 
Higgins cloud can hold infinite data. This means you get emailed Sales reports at any frequency, even up to the minute. You can even watch who orders and pays in real time from anywhere in the world. 

Emailed Inventory Reports
Always know what you have on hand. Higgins clocks and Emails your Inventory based on your sales. 

Let your staff clock in and out with ease. Their time is tracked by the second and you receive emailed reports daily.

Stand-Alone Mode    
Wi-fi down? Never fear. Higgins can be used for up to 72 hours. This means your business is never left in a lurch due to connectivity. 

Higgins maps out Tables for order efficiency. Higgins White Glove Service will even program it for you- Free.


Get Higgins.

Higgins White-Glove Service will customize your Personal Register for you and your business. So we need to know a few things first.

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