Enter the Higgins Register.

Designed by industry professionals, the Higgins POS Register enables anyone to buy from or sell to you anywhere. Always Free.

The Higgins platform is mobile (email receipts only) and loaded with free features that make clocking and keeping up with your business a breeze. And it links your business to others, and the members that use it through loyalty and reports.

As your business grows, so does Higgins. Adding Hardware that you need makes this happen and along the way, you get Higgins White Glove Service- Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. 


Order, sell and pay for anything, anywhere. Free.

The ability to buy and sell is what makes the Higgins Register, well, Personal. 
If you’re part of the Higgins community, you can order from your favourite spots and beat the line. Turn around and start your own store in seconds on any Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop.


Buy Anything Anywhere

Accessing your favourite places from your phone and placing orders will be easy with Higgins. Join the community and start collecting loyalty at places running Higgins right away. Soon after in 2014 you may be one selected to be one of the lucky few to use the ordering feature first. Talk about bragging rights!


Sell Anything Anywhere

Get the advanced POS that big enterprise use for free. Always Free. Take sales from the counter, at the patio, or just walking around your establishment. It's quick, easy to use and powerful. Take sales, add staff, manage labour, inventory and operations seamlessly with a few taps.



The Higgins community shares information about themselves and their favourite spots. This means they receive loyalty that can be applied instantly on their next purchase anywhere else in the Higgins community.


Scalability & Integration

Have a Food Truck or a fleet of ten? Have one employee or three hundred. Higgins is infinitely scalable and integrates all of your locations into one simple to read email.


Save on Purchases

With Higgins, you’ll be privy to specials and discounts directly related to your interests. Simply tap on the Higgins Suggestions Bar to take advantage of great savings wherever you go.

Reporting & Clarity

Higgins is cloud-based and its cloud can hold infinite data. This means you can choose from hundreds of reports at any frequency, even up to the minute. You can even watch who orders and pays in real time form anywhere in the world.

Amazing Features.

These are some of the great features you get with Higgins free of charge. Everything you need to run your small business.

Point-of-Sale Operations
Simple, Secure and Scalable. The perfect system to easily take sales without any hassles or excessive training.

Hassle-Free Inventory
Keep track of materials used from sales to trim down your orders and monitor wastage and theft.

Mobile App Ordering
Increase sales and loyalty with our Higgins personal register for consumers - coming soon.

E-mailed Receipts
Quickly email a receipt while you take any sale. Your customer gets your personalized receipt with rebates.

On the Fly Terminals in 30 seconds
Install new registers in a snap. Higgins takes 30 seconds to download – no drivers or installation needed.

Unlimited Transactions
Higgins is cloud-based and its cloud can take an infinite number of sales all securely and quickly. 

When you get Higgins, you are part of a community of stores that work together to increase sales and visibility.

Loyalty Program
Higgins uses e-mail receipt lists to send out loyalty discounts on customers’ favourite items.

E-Mailed Reports and Alerts
Always stay connected with Higgins emails. Read up on your business every morning like you read a newspaper.

Transformable Personalized Interface Your interface is designed and sculpted to your preference so you can take sales with ease and simplicity.

Stand-Alone Mode
Wi-fi down? Never fear; Higgins can be used for days without connection. Your business is never left in the lurch.

Service 24-7 Text or Call
Higgins techs are just a text or call away - it's simple to reach out and ask for anything at anytime.

Ready to Scale ?

Higgins is also loaded with features for more advanced or unique operations. Check what you want. Always Free.

Full Inventory Management
Higgins inventory works by tallying the number of products sold and comparing it to the quantity ordered. .

Expense Management                      Manage rent, office and shop costs all seamlessly with Higgins. You don't need to be there to enter your costs.

Reports App for Any Device                          Track everything from anywhere - real time. You are always connected to your shop with your laptop or smartphone.

Customer Management
Readily send out email campaigns to clients or special promotions to regulars with a single touch.

Business Analytics
Get the Higgins Consultants annual business and menu analysis report on your shop - 50 pages dedicated to you.

Add Terminals
Add as many terminals you want - all seamlessly - all free of charge - it's that easy with Higgins.


Purchasing-Ordering with Supplier Lists
Seamlessly order your goods through higgins right through your app and get special rebates. 

Customized Reports
Send special report requests and get customized metrics for you based on your requirements.

Unlimited Location                                Scale to any number of locations - all seamlessly integrated with head office access.


Run Hardware.

All you need is the H-box to wirelessly run your printer and drawers. Stands and supplies are also included.

Thermal Printing
Print receipts and chits using these silent printers configured any way you want them to - one or twenty - easy.

Kitchen Printing
One-two-Three ply printing in many areas of the kitchen resulting in excellent communication with cooks.

Full Offline Mode
Totally out of internet with multiple terminals - no problem the iPads communicate without internet.

Advanced Operations Management
Open drawer alerts, log management, critical issues alerts - all standard on Higgins platforms.

Payment Integration
Integrate Higgins with your payment terminal. No need to punch in open numbers; everything is connected..

No need to pass orders on to the cooks – the back end automatically gets a copy of each request. All in real time.