Whether a Restaurant or Retail, Higgins AIM can get you all the stats you need as well as being able to receive, count and re-order in a flash.

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If you can count how much beef goes into a burger and how many burgers were made, you need the Higgins AIM App. Higgins can then tell you how many burgers are sold and not only let you know how much beef to order, it will also let your staff know how many burgers they have to make, and everything else involving beef on your menu for that matter.

For retail, get Higgins AIM if you want to receive, count and re-order in a flash. 24-hour White Glove service ensures any item you sell, old or new, is being clocked for Staff Shrinkage and Vendor Price-Creep. And lets you know at the end of every shift. Oh yeah, you and your staff are counting physical inventory wirelessly by the way.

  • Control Breakage and Shrinkage
  • Monitor Supplier Price-Creep
  • Wireless Inventory taking- Receive Orders outside!
  • Real Time Inventory Tracking
  • Alerts when Par Levels are low
  • Generates Supplier Order
  • 24-Hour White Glove Service