Ideal for Kitchens or Retail that rely on retrieving items from a stock room—any business that requires an order to be taken away from the main register.

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Paperless and communicative, Higgins OrderView integrates with all your register terminals* and can be customized to each station within a restaurant or warehouse, ensuring your product comes out at the same time and is expedited properly. It even sends an alert to the your Higgins register that lets you know that your order is ready! 24 Hr White Glove service ensures your OrderView is customized and working for you.

  • No more paper!
  • Order from and Manage up to two different stations 
  • Notifies other Order Stations when order is in mid-process
  • Expedite orders with the tap of a pad.
  • Alerts Higgins Register that the order is ready
  • 24-Hour White Glove Service
  • iPad required